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Announcement #2

As you may have heard in our previous post, The Strand’s drummer Elias Lewter has resigned, and that has left our band wondering, “ok, so now what?”

We ‘could’ start the process of finding a new drummer, rehearse, book gigs, and keep pressing on…  But after discussions we realized that Lewter’s reasons for resigning were also being felt by other band members.  So, in an attempt to make things fun and interesting again, we are flipping the switch and transitioning into a creative phase.   Henceforth, after Lewter’s last gig with The Strand on October 14th 2016 in New Mexico, we will no longer be booking ANY live shows while we enter this creative phase.  Creating new music is at the top of the list during this time, but it’s likely we will also work on videos, movies, costumes, themed events, or other things.  


After six months of this creative phase, (April 14th 2017) we will take a step back and have a band meeting to see if we want to start playing live shows again, extend the creation phase, or just take a hiatus.  I am hopeful that we can come up with some exiting stuff to share, prime our engines, and come back strong!  


I’ve been asked a few times if we will be replacing Lewter?  Some people have suggested that we put the drums on the backing track since it will likely be difficult to find a drummer.  I will say, most passionately, that The Strand will not perform live concerts without an acoustic drum kit.  I love the sound, and the feel of live drums.  Some of my favorite bands in the world don’t perform with a drummer, and some of the most respected industrial acts also opt for an electronic kit.  I’ve enjoyed the hell out of their performances, so I’m not knocking it…  but it’s just not what I would like to do with The Strand.  So… yes, The Strand will need a drummer before playing live again.  We have a couple of people in mind, and might start looking into that as we enter the creative phase.

I am going to start releasing a Video Diary probably on our website and also via the Apocalypse Powder podcast to keep me honest.  I think this video will help me stay motivated to move Strand things forward.  They might be a couple minutes, they might be an hour.  I will drop in and let you know how things are coming along.  I think they will post every Sunday at or subscribe to Apocalypse Powder podcast.

Thanks for all your support over the past 16 years!  Now, onto the future!

-Dave Strand