Are you an artist?

I’m scratching my head about the graphic design for a second Strand shirt. If you are an artist and would like to submit a design idea, please email it to me. dave -AT- strandland -DOT- com.

We’re looking for a band shirt design that looks cool and has the band’s name somewhere on it. Typically we prefer industrial, gothic, or steampunk designs, but are open to ideas. If you know someone who can draw, or design, let them know.

Oh, and just a final note. This isn’t a payed gig. Just thought we’d throw the idea out there for anyone who wanted to help out. Also, please don’t be dissapointed if your design is not picked. Last time we did this we got a LOT of great ideas!

The image will have to be either drawn or digitized at a HIGH resolution. Also, due to the screenprinting process we use, the image should contain only 2 or 3 colors for the front, and 1 or 2 colors for the back… at most.


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