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Fare the well 2022!

Thanks to all the beautiful folks with us at our recent gigs! You bring the energy to these events, and without that… well without that it would just be band practice! It felt great to get back up there and rock out, and I’m really excited about the new lineup with Savage and Seth joining! I feel like it really adds some new life to our songs, and with the rest of the live members, Scott, Ben, Bryon, Steve, and myself, I think we’ve got a hell of a thing going! Also, for those asking, I’ve got Ableton and a Push controller hooked up in my studio and I’m learning how to incorporate this into my songwriting process to bring you some new tunes in 2023!

New singer for The Strand!

The Strand is excited to announce the addition of singer Jessica Savage to the roster! Jessica goes way back in the Phoenix Industrial scene, and we’re thrilled to have her in the band! The addition of Jessica’s rich vocals, combined with Seth Ludeman’s guitars, have given the Strand’s live performances a new edge that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

You can see the Strand live on November 7th at the Aesthetic Perfection show, at Rebel Lounge. Tickets available here:…/AESTHETIC-PERFECTION/490138…

Jessica Savage
Jessica Savage new vocalist for The Strand!

Upcoming shows!

Thanks to all for voting for our band to play the Aesthetic Perfection show coming up on November 7th at Rebel Lounge! We have been practicing and in the baby stages of writing a new album, we are just finalizing some details over here since we only just found out about it!
There are other big Strand related announcements once plans are finalized!