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Video blog – StrandUpdate 1 posted..

Hello all. So, we have decided to release a video each week to document and motivate us to keep pressing forward with new material.  We are releasing these clips over at via ourApocalypse Powder PODCAST.  So please subscribe to the podcast if you want to hear/see some detailed accounts of our goings on.  We will probably post some fun behind the scenes stuff there too from time to time, in addition to some Dave Strand ramblings.



Ep13 – Stuff promoters should know about booking concerts

Topic of the day: Stuff promoters should know about how to put together a concert. Alternate discussions include Scott’s trip to Japan, rose gardens, Dave and Kelly’s baby, Laura’s graduating, and Scott’s funny encounter with a horny clerk.

Note: There are some fantastic promoters in Arizona that we have had great experiences with.. We can’t name them all but here are a few current industrial promoters in Arizona we can vouch for… James Bound with Horns and Halos, Toby Tyler Heidebrink (AKA Squalor), Suzy Homewrècker and Damion Malikai, there are others, especially out of state, but we wanted to thank all the wonderful promoters we’ve worked with over the years.