Dave Strand injured on set.

On Thursday May 24th while setting up to film one of the final scenes of Combat Advantage the movie, a home-made smoke bomb went off Dave Strand’s lower pocket, which he tried to pat down giving him 2nd degree burns on his hands and leg.  His friends rushed him off to the ER and the hospital cleaned the wounds up.  The healing process continues under the watchful eye of his Primary Care Physician. Healing is going as well as can be expected, painful and tedious, but clean and steady.  Dave claims it was his own silly fault… (don’t put a 9volt battery in your pocket with tin foil and a smoke bomb) He also sends thanks to his friends for responding quickly and professionally. And is thankful to have a wonderful brother who drove and stayed with him in the hospital.  He also send extreme thanks to his wife for caring for him, changing his bandages twice a day, and carting him around. Dave says, “I’m very grateful, it could have been much worse.. I will heal in a couple weeks, and am already feeling better.”  If you would like to send Dave a message, there is a facebook post about it..  If you want to send Dave money for medical expenses, he said.. “Just buy my new album at strandland.com.”

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