Good times!

It was great to return to the stage last night with the band and play a great set. I’m really glad people like our new song, sorry we don’t have a title for it yet. Heh. Anyhow, many thanks to our fans for rockin out on a Wednesday night. Also major props to Hardwire who tore it up, and it was a great honor to share the stage with SMP and Stiff Valentine who kicked some major ass up there, and were a pleasure to work with. Photos and vids on the way.

For those who’ve been asking, here’s a flyer for the next Strand-related gig.

Additionally, I am hooking up Vertigo Venus with a gig on October 1st which features Human Experimentation, Vertigo Venus, and Mute City Radio. (The Strand isn’t performing that one, but will be there to make sure it goes well, and have a beer or two.)

And finally we’re also playing with Access Zero and Laconic at the Venue of Scottsdale on October 24th. I have limited presale tickets for that one for just 10 bucks! email me if you need some.

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