March 9th at Club Red with Jyrki 69 and MGT!

Wow!  Time flies!  We have missed playing live, seeing all your beautiful faces,  as well as hanging out with each other, so the band (The Strand) is coming back together to play a show on March 9th at Club Red (link below)!  It’s been over a year and half and a lot has changed since we last performed, but I am so happy to announce our return to the stage!

On March 9th, Dave Strand, Laura McQuaig, Steve Laskarides, Scott Levy and Elias Lewter reunite.  Also we welcome NEW member Ariana Z Naraghi of Violator Rose (her upcoming solo project) who will be rocking the keys in place of Mike Marsh.

Please come show your support.  In coming out you support our friendship, our music, and our love for making loud noises.  As a supporting act for national bands we will hit the stage early, probably 8pm!  Check out the link in the comments for details about the show and please show support by saying you are Interested or Going to the event.

Love from Dave Strand and the rest of the band!

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