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10/7/07 We would like to thank all 15 girls who made it to the MTS try-outs! They all performed wonderfully and we appreciate their hard work. We will announce the new singer within a week.

9/15/07 Hey! Our search for the new Strand vocalist is going well! A couple questions have come up that I wanted to publicly answer.

1.) Do I need professional training and experience? Would if I can’t do all the vibrato that Kim does, or sing like her?

Answer1 : We’re not looking for someone to emulate Kim, and we aren’t concerned with how many years of voice lessons you’ve had. Those are nice, but we just really want you to step up and rock. We are interested in someone that can bring their own style, and not just a very good Kim impersonation. 🙂

2.) What is your age requirement?

Answer2 : You must be female and 18 or over. If your heart is set on trying out and you are under 18, you can audition but it is very unlikely that we will Make You Strand.

3.) What is the deadline for submission?

Answer3 : Technically the deadline to sign up is September 15th, HOWEVER…. The time slots are filling up, and if you delay too long we may not be able to audition you. So, sooner is better.

4.) Should I EVEN TRY?

Answer4 : Yes, please try out. You don’t want to be kicking yourself later, or tattoo’ing ” I COULDA BEEN A STRAND ” on your leg.

sign up at…


8/30/07 How could we ever perform Chicks Suck, Haunted, You Make Me Crazy or numerous other songs without a female singer? Well we could dress Scott up as a girl and kick him in the nuts to get his voice all high… but we decided to go a more interesting route…

D. Striddy and The Strand presents…


Do you want to be the new female singer for The Strand? Do you know someone who might be interested? We are NOW scheduling auditions for a lead vocalist. Simply fill out the form on our S T R A N D L A N D website, and if you qualify, we will schedule your audition!

We would like to consider this an opportunity to grow and change, and will consider female vocalists from various backrounds and styles.

Sign up at W W W . S T R A N D L A N D . C O M



08/20/2007: We regret to inform all Strand-fans
that our beautiful singer, Kimberly Brown, has resigned from The Strand
to finish her college degree in Texas. She has been a great friend, and
a dedicated member of the band since 1999. Her mesmorizing voice is featured
on all three of our CDs, and her uncanny knowledge of music theory, (and
ability to decipher my scribblings), will be sorely missed. Certainly,
things will not be the same without her smiling face, and motivated ‘can-do’
spirit. Kim is truly a talent, a genious, and a friend. We support her
decision to finish her college degree, and wish her the very best in the
journey ahead.

-Dave Strand
Fri, 17 Aug 2007

“Please let the fans know that I would like to thank them for
their kindness and support. I couldn’t have done it without them. And
send my love to the band. I will forever miss the sense of family I found
with them, and will miss the dynamic that we had as a group. Also, let
everyone know that I am open to communication on this issue if there are
questions or comments.

Have fun at practice. Have fun at shows. See you from the audience. I’ve
often wondered what it all looks like from out there.”

-Kimberly Brown
Sun, 19 Aug 2007

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