Oscillation 2016!

We are super exited to announce The Strand will be performing at the Oscillation Festival on October 14th in Albuquerque New Mexico! Some of our most memorable gigs have been in NM, and we are so stoked they are bringing back the Oscillation Festival! They still haven’t announced the full lineup, so I don’t exactly know ALL of the details but here is what I have gathered!
Oscillation will be an All Ages event on October 14th and 15th in Albuquerque New Mexico at The Cell
So far the bands I surmise are: The Strand, Echoing Green, Leiahdorus, Diseased Entity, Diverje, Sommo Profundante, Wurm, Brian Botkiller! (And a lot more to be announced that I can’t yet mention.)
Also they are crowd funding to cover some expenses… Please consider making a donation https://www.gofundme.com/oscillation2016