Arcive 07-05-2007

07/05/2007: Much love to all the fans that came out to our He-Man themed gig in Tempe, Arizona! It topped off the charts as one of our favorite shows ever! We now also have a FREE video recording of us performing You Make Me CraZy on March 3rd in 2007.

04/30/2007: I’m still in the studio working on wrapping up the new untitled album. Deadline for completion is mid July. It will certainly have an industrial feel, along with some silly stuff to sing along with. We are looking into two concerts in late June, one possibly out of state and one local to Arizona. We are also looking into producing a music video for the new cd release.

04/25/2007: We have uploaded FREE ringtones, and FREE remix kits available at our online store. We are accepting remix submissions for our upcoming CDs until July 1st 2007.

01/01/2007: We are thrilled about our official Strand store where you can buy Strand songs, including unreleased and rare tracks, cds, tshirts, stickers and more! More importantly, this store deposits DIRECTLY into The Strand’s band fund, so you are directly supporting the artist and NOT some silly business man! The store is secure and encrypted during login and checkout for your protection.

archive 10/11/2006

10/11/2006: Many thanks to all the Strand fans for continuing to support our music in the clubs, on their playlists, at the concerts, and via myspace. Recently I’ve received many questions regarding upcoming shows, and upcoming musical releases. Currently I am spending as much time as possible in the studio, banging my head against the keyboards, and gritting my teeth. This is my normal behavior during song writing. In the meanwhile, we will be laying off any local Arizona concerts and focusing on producing some energetic, passionate, inventive, industrial music.

Archive of previous news..

This is a paste of previous news from our band “The Strand”. Before I post that, here is a bio about our band.

Six quirky friends band together to bring you fun, dancy, riff driven industrial music. Since their inception in 2000, The Strand has produced three full length CDs, and received massive acclaim from promoters, journalists, and fans across the globe with their catchy, aggressive hits. The Strand gets airplay in numerous clubs worldwide and has appeared in a variety of magazines, websites, and movies. Featured on four nationally distributed compilations, The Strand has launched from being a small home-based production into the ears and eyes of industrial fans across the globe. The Strand has supported several national acts, and performed on the main stage at Convergence 11 2005, as well as the Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City 2004.

The Strand does not take the conventional techno approach when bringing the music to a live scenario. Instead, a majority of the music is performed live with a drummer, four keyboardists, male and female vocals. If you have not seen a live performance by The Strand, it is really something to consider checking out. Currently The Strand is booking shows and hard at work on their next CD release, slated for mid 2007.

Here’s a link to our website.
Arizona Industrial Music by The Strand

Arizona Industrial Music