Stay Safe, Stay Sane.

Hey all out there. Please keep yourself and those around you safe by wearing a mask and social distancing. Trust logic. Also, staying locked in for extended periods of time can be difficult. Remember to set goals, be a little creative, and cut yourself some slack.

My second daughter was born a few months back and so we have our hands full over here. So we have a 7 year old Madeline and, a three month old Clara. I still tech and teach (both remotely) for a local community college, as well as make apps for the iPhone. Kelly (my wife) has unlocked the epic tier mom feat, and she’s also somehow working part time for the college remotely. So, our family is healthy and doing as good as can be expected during these strange times.

Occasionally I will fiddle with some beats, and perhaps when the dust settles we can continue with the regularly scheduled band stuff.

Be kind, be strong, stay safe, and thanks for dropping by!

-Dave Strand